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Imports and exports of high-quality fruits and vegetables selected around the world.

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With years of effort, Hiyang Trading has been committed to directly importing seafood from the country of origin according to seasonality and fishery harvesting. Each country has its unique types of seafood, so our source countries are distributed throughout Asia and even the world. In addition, our sale channels not only cover traditional fruit and vegetable wholesale markets, hypermarkets, various chain stores, and independent supermarkets, but also include a distribution network that spreads all over Taiwan. In this ever-changing world, what’s unchanged is our persistence in quality. Each year, we look around the world to import high-quality fruits, in an attempt to bring new products to consumers.


Create a win-win situation among suppliers, importers, and wholesalers.

Hiyang Trading adheres to export high-quality, fresh and delicious Taiwanese fruits to the international market, with the intention of promoting the sales of Taiwanese fruits and benefit local farmers in Taiwan.

With rich experience in international trade business among many countries, Hiyang is mainly engaged in the import and export trade of fruits, vegetables, and aquatic products. Our main customers are group-buying channels, supermarkets, and various channels.

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