Imports and exports of high-quality fruits and vegetables selected around the world.
Import/export trader of fruits and vegetables between Taiwan and other countries
Bluefin tuna farmed in the Mediterranean

About Hiyang

The main items of business include the import and export of fresh fruits, vegetables, and aquatic products that are sold to stores throughout Taiwan and also to consumers directly in a non-store way and by mail order. Hiyang Trading has studied abroad and lived for more than 10 years…In this ever-changing world, what’s unchanged is our persistence in quality. With a committed persistence to quality, we are rooted in Taiwan but take the whole world in view. We strive to import high-quality fruits from all over the world, in an attempt to provide consumers with more diversified choices of fresh and healthy products.

Our product advantages

Carefully selected healthy ingredients

All have passed the national food safety inspection

Enjoy the ultimate seasonal flavor using the best local ingredients

Provide the freshest fruits and vegetables in season for client

Import fresh seafood from the country of origin

Directly import seafood from the country of origin according to seasonality and fishery harvesting.

Import and export agency and wholesale of high-quality aquatic products, fruits, and vegetables carefully selected worldwide.